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Muses Remixed

A collaboration with photographer Spencer Greene.

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the more you

know thy selfie

that's what stardom is, that's what this is. and really this is the word manifest, know thy selfie: you don't know it until you wear it, you don't know it until it's worn; you can't see it until it's crashed, you can't tame it until it's torn.




that's just a zeitgeist right there. that silence said it all. if we're looking at the same thing there's no need to say it. it's the mentality with that one. it's inexplicable. it's not something to be articulated verbally. it's a mood and a meaning and an aware silence. pop consumption.




"That name recognition: they love it, and they love it, and they love it until they get it; then they loathe it, and they hate it, because it broke them, when they made it"

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